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Hi; I'm Kip Jones, a 37 year-old violinist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I started this site in 2002 to keep my friends and family updated while I was traveling, an activity that kept me busy for nearly eight solid years. During this period, became something of an online music archive, a place I could share recordings I made, both of songs I had written and sounds I had captured. 

I now play and write music professionally in Minneapolis and New York City with the string quartet ETHEL.  I'm part of a number of interesting ensembles that cross a broad range of genres.  Some of these groups can be easily booked for local performances, others are collaborations with friends who live far away.  Please check out the projects page for more information. 

If you just want to listen to some music, what are you doing reading this introduction!?  You should have followed the 'listen now' link, for songs from various ensembles all jumbled up in one playlist.

If you're an arts presenter or potential client, pretty much everything you'd want to know about me can be found on the press kit/bio page.

The composition page contains samples of my writing for small and large ensembles.  I really enjoy the process of writing music, whether it's an original piece to fit a soloist or ensemble, or string parts to flesh out a pop song. 

Whether you're a listener or a colleague, I sincerely hope that you find the music here interesting and meaningful.  Thanks for visiting. [at] gmail [dot] com

A note on the logo: My wife Noelle and I, while living in South Korea, spent a weekend in Gyeongju, the ancient seat of the Shilla dynasty (57 BCE - 935 CE). During a visit to a museum, I stumbled across a 14-sided die, called the Mokjaenorigu (wood-play-shape), which outlines the rules for a thousand-year-old drinking game. I bought a replica of the die; when my friends and I finally got around to playing the game, it was every bit as hilarious as it must have been back then, replete with silly dances and welts on the forehead.