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HALLAZGO is Kip Jones' musical calling card, an eleven-song odyssey of solo voice-and-violin pieces written during his thirteen-month trip through South America.  It was recorded by Russel Munson at Small Circus Studio.

It's best heard and purchased on Bandcamp:

K2 is the fearsome combination of Kip Jones and Karl Doty, an upright bass player with an appetite for awesomeness.  Together, they wrote recorded a seven-song EP of original compositions in July, 2010.  This music is exciting, rootsy (whose roots?), and humorous.  Recorded by Russel Munson at Small Circus Studio.

Let the tumblin' swine serenade you:

Free Range is the brainchild of longtime friends Kip Jones and Tom Richards, who put their heads together to plan and record a series of musical/improvisational games.  The results are nothing short of surprising: from acoustic ambient to runaway circus music, Free Range can not be accused of taking itself too seriously.  Kip traveled to Toronto in August of 2010 to record this album with Tom, and his inimitable cohorts Scott Peterson and Plutek, who also engineered the session at 6 Nassau Studio.

The production of HALLAZGO was funded by pledges and pre-orders.  A few adventurous folk pledged to such an extent that they deserved mini-commissions, which are collected here in Top Spur (an anagram of "support").  Of the seven tracks on this EP, six clock in at 2'45" or less, and are something of an experiment in the nature of "the payoff".  Kip is especially proud of the longer track LDMT (Long Distance Motorcycle Travel), both for the tune and the violin sounds.  He engineered this EP himself at his apartment (Nothing Grand Studio) in September 2010. - 256kbps mp3

with thanks to Mark Bierle, the Klyns, the West Coast Kallios, the Andover Saarelas, Josh Smith, the Stillwater Joneses, the Lakeville Myers, and Sam Waller.

Morning Zephyr, aka Kip Jones, Karl Doty, and Zach Miller (drums): new age noise rock?  prog-inspired classical?  Eastern European breakfast burrito?
From dark and sparse to symphonic, emotional serengeti-jumping lions.  Three albums:

Morning Zephyr Empire Builder - The trio's strongest statement.  Recorded summer 2005 by Luke Eskola at North Central University.

Morning Zephyr Advocates - a "Last Tycoon" from summer 2006 with two amazing songs: 'Ascent' and 'Something to do With Flying'.  Also recorded by Luke Eskola, at Yellowbelly Studio.

Proof And Content - Summer 2004.  Donna Lee, Giant Steps, and some stark liturgical vibraphone work.  Recorded by Justin Korhonen at IPR.

Kip writes: "During my half-year in India (fall 2005-spring 2006), I made a number of short field recordings with my homemade binaural microphones.  Here are the ones that turned out best. - 192kbps mp3

Likewise, while my wife Noelle and I were living in South Korea, teaching English (fall 2006 - fall 2008), I took some opportunity to record our neighborhood church reciting the apostles' creed, as well as get some great vibe from the Temple of Heaven park, in Beijing, China.

Yet to be posted, 11/16/2010

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