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In August of 2003, I lived in a big old house in Duluth with two friends from high school. Before I got kicked out for having an adorable canine companion, I recorded a project called Motorcycledog.

The Parisota Hot Club, circa summer 2005. To my left are Patrick Harison, accordion; Jim Chenoweth, bass; Robb Henry, guitar. These tracks are highlights from a 10/05 recording session at Creation Audio, recorded and mixed by Steve Wiese. The Parisota Hot Club, in its current configuration can be found online here.

Before I left Boston to busk and travel in 2002, I borrowed a friend's hard disk recorder and a couple of cheap mics and made a disc in my apartment . I took many copies along with me on my bike trip, selling it in subways and bars and anywhere else I played. To those of you that have the original: you guys rock. It's all solo violin with a little singing and a lot of background noise. It's called 'Jungle'.